Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

  • September through June:

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Assisting in the classroom
    Assisting in the afterschool program
    Chaperone on field trips
    Painting (Occasional)
    Lunch Duty (Fridays only 12pm-12:45pm)
    Mailings (Occasional)

    Read to Students
    Bring a favorite children’s book or the teacher can provide one.
    Schedule: 30 minutes. Certain Mondays at 10:45am (3rd & 4th grades) or 12:50pm (1st & 2nd grades). Sign up for 5/22.
    Commitment: Once or as many times as you like.
    Get Started: Email paige@harambee.org or call the front office.

    Playground Supervision
    Watch and play with the kids on the playground during lunch.
    Schedule: 45 minutes. Daily at 12pm, except Weds at 12:15pm. They especially want help on Fridays.
    Commitment: Once a week is ideal to get to know the kids and the playground rules.
    Get Started: Submit volunteer form on website, then follow-up with a phone call to the front office. Requires Live Scan background check and TB test. People are welcome to come try it out and see if it’s something they’d like to do before they commit.

    After School Program
    Help with homework or playground supervision
    Schedule: Mon-Thurs 3:30-4:15pm (homework help). Mon/Tue/Fri 4:15-6pm(playground supervision)
    Commitment: Consistency is important to build rapport with the kids. This can mean twice a month, once a week, or more frequently.
    Get Started: Submit volunteer form on website, then follow-up with a phone call to the front office. Requires Live Scan background check and TB test.

    Teacher’s Assistant
    They particularly need help with the gardening classes.
    Schedule: Varies. Gardening classes are Thursdays 8-9:15am
    Commitment: Consistency is important, but the frequency can be discussed with Harambee.
    Get Started: Submit volunteer form on website, then follow-up with a phone call to the front office. Requires Live Scan background check and TB test.

  • All year round: Service Groups and Internships.

The range of volunteer activities includes tutoring, supervised recreation, mentoring, facility maintenance, and other needs.

Click Here for the Volunteer Form

Since 1983 Harambee Ministries has received work groups – college students, church groups, and missions teams – as an important part of our service and learning base. Work groups serve God by joining us in loving our neighbors in Northwest Pasadena. Groups interact with Harambee staff and learn about Harambee’s history and philosophy while being challenged to take up Christian responsibility in the city, among the poor, and toward reconciliation. There are opportunities to interact with the children and families in the community. Harambee is blessed by the volunteer labor of service groups.

Email our Executive Director, Harlan Redmond at harlan@harambee.org to schedule your service group.


Come from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to engage in a work project on-site, be led in bible study, and hear the Harambee story from our staff. Great for small groups seeking community service opportunities.


Week-long work groups arrive on Sunday afternoon and depart Saturday by midday. Tentative daily schedule is Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. In addition, Tuesday nights from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. are reserved for community dinner and teaching.

Bring your own transportation and/or rent a van(s) from the airport for use by your group during your stay. You may also use public transportation. If you plan to use public transportation, expect slower transportation times.

Burbank airport is the closest (20 minutes away). Lowest airfares are often into Los Angeles International (35 minutes away). You can also find some great airfares into Long Beach (40 minutes away), Ontario (50 minutes away) and John Wayne/Orange County (55 minutes away).

Lodging is available onsite and can accommodate up to 60 people in a gym-floor type setting. Our facilities include a kitchen and separate bathrooms a shared shower for men and women. During the day your belongings must be stowed in a secure location as our Ministry is in heavy program use and sees a lot of foot traffic). Bring sleeping bags and pillows. Individual air mattresses are welcome.

Each group provides its own food. The kitchen in our Family Room has a refrigerator, stove, cupboards, and other items that your group will need. We suggest you plan for a few extra people at each meal to invite children, staff or neighborhood residents to share a meal and fellowship with them. Supermarkets are about a mile away. The kitchen is also used by our school during the day, so please keep in mind that the kitchen will be shared with our regular staff throughout the time you are here.

We own six properties and there is always a need for maintenance. Painting, structural repair, light construction, landscaping, dump runs, clean-up, and other projects can be expected.


  • SATURDAY MORNING SERVICE GROUPS: Project cost: communicate with our work group director to plan a budget for your work day.
  • WEEK-LONG SERVICE GROUP (Sunday to Saturday): Housing cost: $15 per person per night. Project cost: bring at least $750 that will be used for work projects.

Come with a teachable spirit. Our expectation is that Harambee staff will speak to your group at least 2 times during a week long service project. Work groups come to serve in the mission of Harambee, and we at Harambee also have something important to share with your service group, namely a detailed description of what God has done to transform this community and a vision for how He can accomplish similar transformation where you live. Come with a heart open to receive from the Harambee community. Among the topics for sharing and teaching are the following: the history of Harambee Center; the biblical view of Christian community development; God’s heart for the poor; justice and compassion; racial reconciliation; and other topics.

We encourage your service group to study the book of Amos as a team prior to arrival. Our staff is available for pre-visit conference calls or contact via Skype.