At Harambee Preparatory School, students are given an opportunity to learn and grow at a rate that is bets for each student. This is done through small class sizes, low teacher to student ratio 6:1, and specialized attention and remediation in after school tutoring available to all students.

Disciplining young people is a core component of Harambee’s education. Students are encouraged to share and grow in their faith and love of Jesus Christ. Prayer, worship, and commitment to faith are integral components of Harambee’s curriculum. Harambee engages students in charater-based curriculum with the goal of training students to exude the character of Christ in action and beliefs.

Students learn more than the traditional education courses. Students also also educated in gardening, bee keeping, paleontology, music classes, fine arts & performing arts and nutrition

Parents are actively involved in the education of their children. Parents regularly volunteer and participate in school functions and activities. Harambee hosts monthly Parent Support classes. Parents are given lessons on healthy practices to benefit themselves and their families. Single moms in need of a new start are given a second chance and support in Harambee’s Transitional Living House. ESL classes for Spanish speaking parents.