The Harambee School

Values.jpgFor over 35 years, we have served a 12-block target area in Northwest Pasadena. The mission of Harambee Ministries is to provide quality Christian education, affordable housing, and employment opportunities for students, staff, families and community members. To realize our vision, we support our young people intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually from early childhood to young adulthood. We accept anyone regardless of their beliefs.

Founded in 1995 due to the felt needs of the community, Harambee Preparatory School, has provided an excellent Christian education to low-income families at very little cost to the students. Our educational program is accredited by the Western Schools and College Association (WASC) and serves 40-50 students in kindergarten through 6th grade in Northwest Pasadena, CA. Students at HPS are nurtured and developed in three core learning domains: academic excellence, social emotional health and student character.

The Harambee Pre-school, was initiated in 2006. Our Pre-school Director and teachers have over 25 year of experience working with children. We provide academic readiness activities, playtime in a safe and nurturing, child-centered Christian environment. Our Pre-School curriculum prepares children for Kindergarten. We accept OPTIONS formerly known as CCIS. Enrollment is open to attend our Pre-School.

Harambee’s Student Demographics in 2017:
Race: 47% Black, 47% Latino, 6% Other
English Language Learners: 41% E.S.L.
Low income: 94% (qualify for free or reduced lunch)
Single parent families: 56%

Academic Excellence
– Develop critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills
– Develop foundational knowledge
– Take risks and persevere
– Learn how to learn

Social Emotional Health
– Learn to self-reflect
– Respect for ones self and others
– Develop interpersonal skills

Student Character
– Develop Christ-like character
– Love and respect others
– Personal responsibility
– Develop internal motivation
– Diligent work ethic
– Advocate for themselves and others