About Us

the organizationHarambee Ministries is a loving and empowering environment for students, staff, families and community members in Northwest Pasadena. We aim to educate, empower, disciple and grow Christian leaders who will uplift and effect positive, sustainable change in their families, our community and beyond.

The mission of Harambee Ministries is to provide quality Christian education, affordable housing, and employment opportunities for students, staff, families and community members.

When Harambee was founded in 1982, our community in Northwest Pasadena had the highest daytime crime rate in Southern California. Led by our founder, Dr. John Perkins, we moved into the community to love, serve and become friends with our neighbors. Dr. Perkins moved into “blood corner”, the street where the most daytime shootings occurred at the time. We are known in Pasadena as the people who bought the houses out from under the drug dealers. The place which was notorious for crime and poverty is now a place where children and families can reach for a better future and attain it.

For over 35 years, we have served a 12-block target area in Northwest Pasadena. As the needs of the community have changed, Harambee Ministries has evolved and adapted its programs to directly address the felt needs of the community. Quality education, affordable housing, employment opportunities and loving Christian discipleship continue to be the most critical needs faced by our community.

Harambee’s programs are studied and emulated by peer organizations throughout the U.S. Awards recognizes our ministries include Best Practices in Children’s Ministry (from Teaching Like Jesus Ministries) and the John Anson Ford Award (from L.A. County Human Relations Commission).

We are supported by the gifts of generous individuals, churches, local businesses, and private foundations.

Core Ministries and Services

Pre-School and Elementary Education
We provide a Christian education to low-income families with very little cost to the students. Since 1995, we have provided an excellent Christian education to low-income families at very little cost to the students. Our educational program is accredited by the Western Schools and College Association (WASC) and serves 40-50 students in kindergarten through 6th grade in Northwest Pasadena, CA. Students at HPS are nutured and developed in three core learning domains: academic excellence, social emotional health and student character.

Affordable and Transitional Housing
We provide affordable housing to low income families and transitional housing for otherwise homeless families. Harambee owns 3 properties which provide affordable and transitional housing to 10-15 people at any given time.

Employment Training and Opportunities
We employ people in the community thereby equipping them with job training, experience and wage earning opportunities with the goal of living self-sustaining lives. In 2016, the Push Catering employed 4 chefs and over 20 junior staff, providing over 7,250 hours of job training and work experience.